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"Hey, buddy, you got anything from Qualcomm here?"

I could have saved Qualcomm a truckload of money. But Qualcomm didn't call me before they ran their grandiose eight-page spread in Wired magazine. I especially appreciated the image of a robot that looks like it's sitti...

Stupid design mistakes made by marketers and designers.

We were driving down I-95 one Sunday afternoon. Minding our own business. Yes, we were a smidgen over the speed limit, passing trucks in the center and right lanes. We cast a glance in the rearview, and there's this white Dodge Ram with a lift kit less than five feet f...

You'd think a large company with an experienced marketing and public relations staff and a budget into the millions of dollars would be much smarter. With resources like that, one might think they would tend to handle a potentially explosive public relations situation...

Toyota is a really, really, really BIG company. Bigly. You'd think their advertising partners would be more cautious in their phrasing, but that's actually not the case. Actually, using the word "actually" has been shown to actually kill your credibility. Instantly, ac...

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United Air: Putting "Hospital" Back Into Hospitality. How NOT to deal with a PR catastrophe.

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