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A to Z Marketing: 

from Advertising to Zany Promotions!

Experienced professionals at affordable prices.

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You’ve done everything right, including our EXPERT analysis and HOLISTIC overview. You wrote the book on your industry. You’re ready for the big time! Imagine being the new lord of your industry. People look up to you. They want to hear what you’ve got to say. You want them to hang on every single word that comes out of your mouth. And you probably want to leave that room with a shit-ton of leads, checks, and/or orders in your pocket. 

It’s totally possible. And Brevard Marketing can help you do that. 

When you’re ready for your first seminar, expo, or trade show appearance, don’t go it alone! Most party planners and banquet directors have no clue how to throw a high-energy and effective show. We’ve been doing that for more than 30 friggin’ years. And now we’re ready to share our tricks with our customers. 

Let our team of experienced promoters and public relations people make it an affair to remember. We offer everything you’ll need to make a huge impact on everyone in attendance. Think like a rock star, BE a rock star!  We can help your show become legendary with the following Hollywood effects:

  • Your name and company on a huge banner on a stage 

  • Custom designed lights that begin dimmed and charge up to a full splash upon your introduction 

  • A custom pre-recorded professional introduction featuring “That Movie Guy Voice” with dramatic music and sound effects 

  • A fully scripted presentation with humor, rehearsals, and professional direction 

  • A professionally produced video or Power Point that’s not boring that effectively showcases your product, service, or process 

  • Other secret show-enhancing secret tips and tricks we can’t tell you unless you hire us! 


First impressions are everything. Come out like a Roman God with a Brevard Marketing production! We could literally do that – but don’t. BM can help with everything from initial planning, location scouting, space negotiations, lead management, food and beverage, transportation, logistics, and more.  Anyone can plan and execute conferences, seminars, or expos.. But only the seasoned professionals at Brevard Marketing can enhance them. 

Contact us today for more information. Your future awaits!  


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