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Become the expert in your field, and watch your sales soar!

In our creative director Chuck Fresh’s book, Extreme Marketing, he advises, “Never underestimate the power of a stranger’s words. For some unknown and ridiculous reason, when a parent gives a child advice, it’s filed under “unimportant” or “nagging.” But when some piece-of-shit-off-the-street idiot gives your child the same advice, verbatim, it’s treated exactly like gospel written in stone.” Regardless of how stupid this behavior seems, you should use this to your advantage. People gravitate towards people who are confident in their words. If you’re selling some product or a service, and you appear to have a firm grasp on your industry, they’ll probably purchase something from you.  They become the self-appointed experts in their fields. They’re the men and women who speak at conventions, trade shows, and public seminars. Some of these leaders elevate their status to a local or even national celebrity. They’re the people who reporters call when they need a quote on a news story. They’re the guys and girls who appear in industry television commercials. They’re the peeps who write books on the mastery of their topics.  

Brevard Marketing can help you become a respected authority in your own business.  

It all begins with fleshing out your own personal story. One of our communications specialists will meet with you for about 90 minutes to find out who you are. Think of it like a free trip to a psychiatrist, only without the couch. We’ll have a light-hearted discussion that will identify your strengths and passion. Then we’ll hit the office and assemble our thoughts, checking back in if necessary to clarify some things. When we’re done, we will dot the I’s and cross the T’s and present you with a page or two that tells your story like a Hollywood celebrity profile! Use it for your own personal biography. It works wonderfully for your website’s “About Me” page. And, it’s the necessary foundation that begins the process that identifies you and your abilities as a respected leader in your business. 

EVERYONE has a special talent that’s unique to the world. We’ll figure it all out for you. When our thinkers and copywriters are through with you, you’ll have a hard time getting your head through the doorway. 

Once you’ve got your story down, you will be on your way to becoming an important leader in your industry. People will look up to you. People will respect you. People will begin to seek your advice. And eventually, you’ll begin to be called upon to speak at trade shows and conventions. Brevard Marketing’s own Chuck Fresh went through this program several years ago, and he’s been all over the nation and has become a rising YouTube star speaking about marketing and promotions. 

We can put you on a LIVE RADIO PROGRAM, and VIDEO your appearance for your social media accounts!

We produce a weekly radio program called Radio TakeOver that showcases small business owners, Hollywood entertainers, local authors, musicians, and industry leaders like you. This is not a fake internet radio station or a podcast – it’s a legitimate, REAL radio broadcast with 50,000 Watts! We do record these broadcasts and turn them into podcasts so they live forever. You might be a terrific guest for one of our upcoming shows. And the subsequent Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts (that all conveniently link back to your own website) build credibility (and valuable SEO backlinks) for you and your company.  

You can be the person who "wrote the book on it!"

Finally, when you’re ready, you can be the “girl (or guy) who wrote the book” on your business! We have helped people write books on their businesses. Chuck Fresh’s best-selling Extreme Marketing is our own in-house creation. Book writing is not as impossible as you might think – when you have the secrets and resources behind you that can make it happen. Brevard Marketing can help you write that book – or we can write it for you. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the credit.

Ready for some mind-blowing next-level shiznit? Hit up Brevard Marketing RIGHT NOW – before your competitor does. You know, his or her money is green too… 

When we build you up big enough that you’ll be able to legitimately walk around with a giant “S” on your chest, don’t worry, Brevard Marketing won’t leave you hanging. That’s where our public relations (PR) team takes the reigns. They’ll craft a beautiful press release around your newly conquered fame and fortune and send it to all the right people. No one can really influence what the press writes about, but we can hand them terrific stories that are interesting and easy to use. When you have the right connections, like our Brevard Marketing partners do, your press release has a much better chance of becoming a powerfully effective news story. Think thousands of dollars worth of publicity – absolutely free! 

We also offer national press release distribution for a couple extra bucks. Is that worth it? In some cases, definitely. There also is a secret yet powerful advantage to your website’s ranking when mentioned in a well-distributed press release. Ssshhh! Don’t tell anyone! 

Between you and us, we got this. Expert status. Celebrity standing. Brevard Marketing is the authority on authories! Holler at us today. 

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