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Are your sales funnels more like sales sieves? You can spend countless dollars generating leads. Hopefully, the company you hired to provide those leads is providing real leads, and not fake e-mails from some Indian sweatshop.

More importantly, is your message the right message? No matter what your product or service is, your marketing message needs to be convincing. It needs to be attractive. And it needs to be powerful enough to inspire someone to complete a transaction.  


That’s what Brevard Marketing does. We do a holistic evaluation of you, your organization, your product or service, and your current marketing. Then we dig a little deeper. Brevard Marketing’s genius marketers flesh out strengths and opportunities you might not be aware of.  

Before you waste thousands of dollars generating leads that don’t respond, let Brevard Marketing be that second set of eyes that gets all your ducks in a row. When that’s all set, then you can aim and unload that shotgun filled with money. Only this time, people will be begging you to take their money. 

Brevard Marketing's HOLISTIC approach includes an amazing array of services for all less than a typical campaign.

Product or

From the information we discover, you can recreate your marketing plan so that it’s more comprehensive, better targeted, and generates a much higher marketing ROI. That’s how we roll. Directly from the folks who wrote the book on Marketing.

Ready to begin your marketing adventure? 

Our HOLISTIC package helps us discover who you are, what you do best, and what you want to get out of marketing. We have experience with companies ranging from health supplements to retail to catalog sales to roofers to plumbers to defense contractors. We have done it all.   


Most small businesses self-evaluate. That’s both silly and dangerous. It’s a well-known fact that if you’re too close to something, you are going to be biased in one way or another. And you cannot be as objective as you need to be. Think Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men shouting, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes, but we all need one once in a while. Brevard Marketing takes a step back and looks at big picture from past successes to missed opportunities. We look at current market conditions, and then project the future considering technological trends, buying habits, purchasing power, demographics, and a number of critical factors many small businesses continually miss. Let the marketing experts at Brevard Marketing create a holistic overview of your entire organization. Our customers are amazed at what they’ve missed. 

There are a TON of shysters advertising on Facebook promising to make you rich with get-rich-quick schemes, How To Increase Your Funnel tricks, and supposed “secrets” that will skyrocket your business to fame and fortune. Two things to remember. First, there is no free lunch. Secondly, if these “secrets” were so damn good, why would they share them? And why would they share them with a stranger? I really wish there were, but trust me, there ain’t that many nice people in the world. These folks are trying to set you up with some sort of one-time or monthly fee that will keep you spinning your wheels while they get rich fooling you.  

Don’t wait! Your competition might call us before you do, and that would be bad. Very bad! Don’t take that chance.


Our clients are elated when they learn about all the things we’ve discovered about their products, services, organizations, plans, and people. We’re like sneaky little spies who poke our noses into anything and everything. We’ll even poke around your competition to see what they’re doing that’s different than you. Our company used to do these evaluations for bars and restaurants back in the early 2000s, and our customers’ minds were blown with our findings. Most of them implemented our suggestions and increased revenue and profitability exponentially. That’s a really tough business to evaluate, but we were up to the challenge. 


Brevard Marketing’s experts will spend 90 minutes on your initial evaluation. Then, we’ll lock our team up in the dungeon for several days evaluating your information, searching for whatever we can use to fill in the blanks and make your story better. We’ll then meet with you a second time with another round of questions we uncovered during our evaluation. Then it’s back to the dungeon. Brevard Marketing’s author of Extreme Marketing has been told he’s been in the dungeon so long he has a Vitamin D deficiency! About a week or so later, we’ll meet with you again to present our findings, either online, or in our boardroom. Our detailed presentation will discuss the highlights of our findings and offer our suggestions. We’ll discuss your thoughts after our presentation, we’ll add a few tweaks, and we’ll send you a final printed copy of our comprehensive report. 

It’s that simple. Make your business better. Let Brevard Marketing fine-tune your marketing. From people to process to packaging to promotions to pricing – we can set your company or organization on the path to success. 

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