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For success in today's world, you need a GREAT website! Let Brevard Marketing be your website consultant. Anyone can build a website - but only a marketing professional can help you build a GREAT website. 

Search engines want to see a real web presence with relevant information about you and your products or services, along with a business location (if you have one), and longevity. Landing pages and Facebook pages have their purposes and are important elements of a web presence, but they are extremely limited and don't give your customers enough information. 

Brevard Marketing’s team of web design consultants has worked with Fortune 500 companies. We know design. We know logic. We know people. We know usability.  And most importantly, we specialize in what other web designers fail at - user experience, strategy, and content.

  • Copy that sells.

  • Optimized tags and phrases that turn up in search engines.

  • Relevance that proves your expertise.

  • Testimonials that build trust.

  • A website that's easy to use.

We promise to help you find the right solution at the right price that works for you. 


Our growing list of clients, charity work, and pet projects will give you an idea of the quality of our web design work. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself!


Designs and redesigns coming soon: H.E.L.P. FLORIDA, BROSS LAW FIRM, FLORIDA PARANORMAL, WDN HEALTH, and many more. May we add YOURS to our list?

Tell your story. Get found. Build a better call-to-action.

We're really not a web design company. Brevard Marketing is so much more than that. Think of us like your own personal website advocate. Your agent. Your consultant. We help you navigate the confusion to get the best product for the best price. We make our money from our consulting fees plus a small commission from the web designers we choose to implement your project. The better we do, the happier our customers are, and the more referral business they'll generate. It's a win-win for everyone!


And, if you’d like, we’ll hand your finished website off to you. If you prefer Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress, three of the most popular design platforms, we’ll transfer the login information directly to you. You can then make your own changes when necessary. Don’t worry, both of those platforms are fairly easy to use. Or, if you’re too busy or just don’t want to do that, leave the updates to us. We can put you on a monthly contract, or make changes at an affordable hourly rate whenever you need them.

After researching vendors all over Brevard County and most of Central Florida, we found most web designers just don’t have the knack to design effective websites. Many lack that all-important business background. It makes complete sense when you think about it. A kid out of college isn’t going to understand how adults with discretionary income think. A graphic artist probably cannot comprehend typical human behavior. Most artists would rather be creating art, not designing your website. They're doing websites because they have to. Plus, artists are typically introverted, meaning they are terrible with psychology (and conversion rates). I must admit that even the designers we use are admittedly introverted, so we keep them on a very short leash. Honestly, they seem to appreciate our direction - they say it makes their job so much easier! When you think about it, the typical web designer just wants to create pretty things. The world needs pretty things. But leave the web designing to the left-brain adults at Brevard Marketing. 

We’ll start with an evaluation of your current website. Can we find it? Does it work? Can we bounce around easily? Does it sell? How can it be better? Then we’ll hand that information over to our team of web design experts to come up with a new design based on your company’s needs. A day or two later, we’ll show you the home page with your new navigation. We’ll hash out some key components together, and then it’s off to the workshop to build your site. Or - simply hire our web experts to review your website and suggest changes for one low fee. It's rock-paper-stupid simple. 


If you’ve done one of Brevard Marketing’s Holistic overviews, we’ll implement that information into your website. The more information we have, the better! Have you read about our holistic services? Shoot over to that page and have a look. That might be exactly what you need. 

Look, we're not beginners. In the mid-2000s, Chuck took Computer Care Clinic from a modest startup to Brevard's best in two short years. Most of that company's business came from word-of-mouth -- and its website. Chuck designed that website himself. Five years later, it was still profitable while most of its competitors were bleeding money spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Page ads. Although Computer Care has closed, its website still stands as a popular resource for computer users and IT professionals. Its YouTube channel has well over 5,000 active subscribers. 

You need an amazing website, and we’re here to help kick some tires and light some fires! 

Need a sales page that converts? We can do that too. Sales pages are those special one-page deals you can use during online promotions or in Facebook advertisements. We can create effective one-page sales pages that ask for the order and convert browsers into buyers. Using psychology and targeting needs and wants, Brevard Marketing’s marketing experts know what makes people tick. 

Should you have a blog? Absolutely! It’s cathartic! The more relevant information you can include about the benefits of your product or service, your experience in your field, or funny things that have happened to you on the job, the better. Your blog helps search engine robots realize you really do know your business, and that helps your website rank higher in search engines. And, your customers will learn a little more about you, giving them even more reasons to choose your company over someone else’s. 

Photographs sell! We have three Photoshop experts on staff ready to shoot, optimize, implement, and tag photos that will help drive home your marketing messages. And videos do the job even better. With our team of professional cinematographers and movie makers along with one of the most popular voiceover people in the entire nation, we got this. From one-on-one interviews to explainer videos, Brevard Marketing will create messages that work.  

It’s that simple. Make your business better. Let Brevard Marketing  create a website that works. Let’s do this.

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