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Face it - social media has gone mainstream.

You may have tasked a teenager or a receptionist with social media management. Maybe you’re handling it yourself. Unless you or your front desk person has years of marketing experience, they may be doing more harm than you realize. Social media is a direct extension of your company’s advertising -- and reputation. One bad post can go covfefe, and then you’ll need to do damage control. For many small businesses, that spells the end of life as you know it. 

Can you afford not to have a social media presence? Depending on the size of your business, the services you require, and who and how interactive your followers are, a complete suite of professional social media marketing management can cost you anywhere from $495 to $10,000 per month. Obviously, most smaller businesses skew towards the lower end of that spectrum. Depending on your business, your return on investment can be exponential.

Any real business needs to be on social media. Now that social media is mature, there is a huge opportunity to connect your company with potential customers you may not be able to reach with more traditional marketing methods. In some cases, a social media presence is even more important than a website (yes, you still need a website). Many people have ditched their newspapers and cable television and use social media to get their news. Think of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media outlets like a digital magazine that you can customize to your heart’s desire. You only see what you want to see, there are very few commercials, and you never have to wait for news. Many folks read their news feeds on the toilet. Ew.


You may be contemplating outsourcing your social media marketing. That's probably a good idea. But ask yourself these questions: 

  • Which social media agency should you trust?

  • Which social media websites should you use?

  • What services do you need? 

  • How much should you spend on social media?

Brevard Marketing is familiar with customer service, outreach, and PR work that’s required via all social media accounts. We can give you a clear breakdown what you need to make the best decision for your business. Social media marketing can be broken down into different venues – generally by website, and then by services.

With several billion active accounts, Facebook is the most popular social media network on the planet. Although setting up a Facebook account is free, the 40+ hours a month you’ll need to spend on building  and maintaining your business presence on it certainly isn’t. We tweak your Facebook page so it works. Our experienced marketing professionals painstakingly create the right look, the right feel, and the right words to help your company connect with potential customers. You can’t just set up a page and forget it – social media requires constant new content and interaction to keep it fresh. Since there are so many more users and virtually no limit to how much you can post on Facebook, social media management costs may be higher than other services like Twitter. To set up and maintain a new Facebook “page” with a great profile and attractive graphics, some online agencies charge big companies up to $20,000 a month! Our average Facebook management costs for a small company are typically less than $500 a month. That includes generating "likes" and "follows" with daily posts we create proven psychological sales triggers. Plus, helpful tips and maybe some fun facts. Hey, it works! All our posts will be carefully wordsmithed, never derogatory or false, and they’ll always relevant to your business, and all posted with the intention of getting more people to follow your page, and ultimately more people to hire you rather than your competition.

Launching a new Twitter account, complete with the setup of your graphics, description and links takes about an hour or so. Twitter users are a particular bunch of individuals. Think of them as the more educated (and most critical) folks on the internet. We know how to create great Twitter content along with “hashtags” that may trend nationally. Squeezing all that into 140 characters is tricky! Promoting your Twitter handle to our friends and followers takes another hour or two, because you’ll need followers to begin. No one wants to follow an account with no followers! Then, creating interesting content daily and following up with consumers (or complainers) takes up to an hour a day. Think 30 hours a month, multiply that by a fair hourly wage, and you can see how much you should pay for Twitter setup and maintenance. Some companies charge up to $6,000 per month, which is a little crazy.

We usually "bundle" social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter for example, to increase your audience. You'll get a deal on the price as well. Brevard Marketing offer an affordable starter package to handle your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or Pinterest) feeds. 

Instagram is a platform that focuses almost entirely on images. If you’re a makeup or tattoo artist, a fashion designer, a hair stylist, a sign company, a comic book publisher, a florist, a bakery, or any other kind of business that consistently creates visually compelling content, then your company should be on Instagram. Pinterest is another image-based social media network that allows users to gather images from all over the web in one place. Instagram skews younger and female, while Pinterest is reportedly upper-income and female.

Snapchat is the newest kid on the block. It is quite popular with teenagers looking to hide things from their parents. Snapchat allows users to send out images and videos that disappear either as soon as they are viewed or after 24 hours. That may work for a business if you’re a rap music mogul, promoting a celebrity, or maybe selling illegal drugs, but honestly, the Snapchat model may not work for many businesses. 

Social media channels now offer paid advertising too. That’s a few extra dollars a month for the ad space, but don’t worry, we can manage that too for a monthly fee plus a small percentage of your advertising expenditures. On Facebook, for example, you can narrow your audience to certain ages and genders. You can even select common interests, like fashion, music, or home improvement for example. Does it work? When done correctly, these social media ad campaigns can grow your following and increase sales.

Your best bet is to sign up for a free account on any or all of these social media networks, and try them for yourself. Poke around your competitor’s pages – they’ll never know you were there (unless you want them to). See what people are posting. Watch how they interact. You’ll be able to tell who the amateurs are, and who the professionals are.

Then, when you’re ready, contact the professionals at Brevard Marketing to get your social media campaigns reaching the stratosphere! Quit foolin' around and click here to begin. 

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