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There is one terrific way to enhance all of your marketing campaigns at once by increasing your online visibility, enhancing your brand, quickly explaining a confusing concept, and then ultimately increasing your sales. That’s VIDEO, folks. Once priced out of reach, video prices have returned to earth and are available to small and large businesses alike. There are several different types of videos employed by small businesses.

Explainer videos are typically animated videos of one to three minutes that concisely explain your product or service, and tell potential customers why yours is better than theirs. Studies show people are more apt to watch a quick video than read a page of text. The best explainer videos are under two minutes, have a confident voice speaking over catchy upbeat music, and visually explain your offering. Explainer videos can be text only, text with still photographs, whiteboard with black or colored stills, or fully animated. 

Testimonial videos feature a customer or an actor portraying a customer telling his or her story about why your business was the right fit. It’s a tried and true method of building trust in your brand and increasing leads and sales. People trust other people’s opinions. These videos are typically less than three minutes.

Review videos are typically three to five minutes depending on the topic. An extension of testimonial videos, this allows much more time to tell the entire story. We produce videos for a company called Cruise Reviews that range in the 15-20 minute area.

Commercials are short 30 to 60 second videos that are similar to what you’ll see on television. They can include explainer videos and testimonials, but since there is a time constraint, it’s usually a hard sell or used to build a brand. Many businesses use these on their websites.

Trailers are short 30-60 second video clips that promote a movie, book, or new music release. They typically include still photographs that are relevant to the artist or story. We have one of the world's most popular movie trailer voice actors in-house, and his voice is included in our trailers at no additional charge!

Industrial videos are long-form videos that can range from five minutes to an hour. These are used when you have a more complex or visual product or service – such as wastewater treatment, industrial processes, or real estate sales – when a shorter video just isn’t enough. 

Training videos are used to train employees or customers on more complicated processes and safety features. They can range from a minute to as long as necessary.

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Videos tend to make websites more “sticky,” meaning people’s eyes stick to your website a little longer. Think of web surfing as the new channel surfing. Many television habits have migrated to the web. But unlike television, the time spent on a website can be measured. This is important – Google uses the amount of time spent as a result of a search in order to rank the importance of a website. And the more important you are, the higher up in the search rankings you’ll go. And YouTube is a huge search engine in itself! Many YouTube videos show up in search results, which can redirect potential clients to your real website. Plus, the more time people spend on your website, the more time you have to explain why they should purchase from you! It’s a win-win for everyone.


Before you go willy-nilly and think you’ll go create your own videos to launch you into fame and fortune, just don’t. There’s story composition, proper lighting, clean sound, editing, and many other psychological factors only experienced marketers know that are involved in a video that sells. If it looks amateur, that can actually hurt your brand. Not to mention the time it takes to edit a video.

Plus, only Brevard Marketing has a professional voice actor and music producer in-house so your video will sound as good as it looks! Save a bunch of money, and get a better video. Oh - and we can record radio shows and podcasts at our in-house studios also. And we can video those broadcasts to turn your radio shows into TELEVISION shows! It's the future, momma!


Let the professionals at Brevard Marketing whoop up a custom quote for your Oscar-worthy video production today. Contact us now or, if you're ready, click here to order now.

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